Life is simple.
Your training should be, as well.

  1. At Northcoast Training we believe that anything of value is worth working for.  Period.
  2. We believe in promoting health and personal well-being rather than an aesthetic stereotype.
  3. We believe in working with real tools … heavy weights, sandbags, kettlebells, sledgehammers and tires.  We believe in using the mass, levers, fulcrums and springs each body comes equipped with to generate maximal strength, speed and power.  We don’t sell gadgets, supplements or an image, and you won’t find a TV, sauna or juice bar anywhere we work.

Clients have expectations of us, and Northcoast Training has expectations of the people we choose to work with.

  1. At Northcoast Training we expect our clients to leave their baggage outside and leave everything else “on the mat” (or “in the ring” or “on the track”) when they’re working with us.
  2. We expect our clients to feel strong, empowered and unafraid to explore limits.
  3. We expect our clients to accept personal responsibility for their success, or lack thereof.

Most clients don’t come to Northcoast Training exhibiting all of the qualities listed above.  We don’t expect that.  What we do expect is that each person we agree to work with expects to achieve their goals  and will give their all to make sure it happens. Life’s a journey, and the first step in your association with Northcoast Training is acknowledging where you are today.  Done.  Check.  OK.  Now, let’s move on.  We’re here to help.  To educate.  To encourage, coax and push.  We’re here to celebrate your accomplishments.

So … just how serious are you?
If you’re ready to meet your personal health and fitness goals without nonsense, gimmicks or excuses, then we invite you to contact us for further information.

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