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Why Most Exercise Programs Fail

Old ShoesWe can’t say it any more clearly – When fitness programs fail, it’s never because of lack of time, gym membership or equipment. They fail for one of two reasons.  Either the program du jour is bogus and ill conceived, or the exercises are performed at a low intensity level.

To elaborate, a program is most likely to be bogus and ill-conceived if it:

  • Requires the use of 8-ounce water bottles for anything other than drinking,
  • Requires a piece of equipment featured in an infomercial and paid for in only 3 easy installments,
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You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide …

One of the reasons many runners chose to be active and eat “right” is to, ostensibly, enjoy many years of wonderfully good health.  Isn’t that why we tie up our shoes and step out the door rain or shine, after all?  Order a single instead of double scoop of “Chunky Monkey?”  Stop after the second drink?  Certainly, there’s a pay-off for virtuous living.

But, is there?

  • Question:  What do four-time Boston Marathon Champion, Bill Rogers, one of America’s best female distance runners, Jody Hawkins, and our favorite Flying Nun, Sally Field, have in common?
  • Answer:  Osteoporosis.  That’s right.  And they’re not alone.

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… Because Workouts Should Be Kept Short and Simple!

Welcome to KissWorkouts Blog!

Over time, we hope you’ll enjoy watching this site will grow into a collection of training tips, workouts, health information, motivational quotes and thoughtful musings on life.

Why KissWorkouts?  Because when working out, you’ll want to  keep it short and simple so you can spend your life with family and friends, enjoying the people and activities that make you feel alive and happy.

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