Reasons to Exercise (Part 3 of 3)

Here is your third, and final, set of 10 persuasive reasons to exercise.

  • Exercise provides opportunities for social interactions that couch potatoes miss.  Sure, watching the Super Bowl is great fun for everyone, but wouldn’t you rather be laughing and trash-talking with friends while tossing the ball and running yourself?  Taking a walk with a buddy?  Puddle splashing with your kids?  Have you considered running or walking to support your favorite charity?  There’s a word you used as a child when you wanted some exercise – you called it “play” and, most likely, you “played” with friends!
  • A Kaiser Permanente study has found that both men and women who engaged in vigorous physical activity lowered their risk of colorectal cancer by 40% to 50%.
  • Since humans are basically biological machines requiring a continuous supply of oxygen to live, an effective delivery system is essential.  And that’s what you’ve got when your pump, tubing and gas exchange membrane are in tip-top shape.
  • Studies show that there’s a link between activity level and academic performance.  In fact, in one study, middle school students taking part in vigorous activities (e.g., soccer, football or skateboarding) three or more times a week performed 10% better in classes such as math, science and English.
  • In addition to improved academic performance, studies indicate that physically active children have greater social skills and exhibit less risk-taking behavior than their sedentary peers.  If that’s not motivation enough for a parent to model a healthy lifestyle and get their kids moving, we don’t know what would be!
  • Exercise may just be the “fountain of youth.”  In a study designed to measure aging in twins by the length of their telomeres (parts of chromosomes that shorten with age), researchers found that people who exercise vigorously for at least 3 hours a week were 9 years “younger” than their couch potato peers.  Even if you’re not worried about the number of years you might live, staying healthy and active will certainly improve the quality to whatever years you have in this life.
  • Exercise fights fatigue and increases energy levels.  In fact, something as simple and low-intensity as taking a walk has been shown to boost energy by 20% and decrease fatigue by 65%.
  • Exercise can improve your sex life.  Because general health affects sexual function, a little exercise can pay big dividends!  Just be sure to not overdo it, as over-training can wreak havoc with the immune system.  That’s a show-stopper every time!
  • Exercise improves body composition.  The body is composed of metabolically active lean tissues (e.g., muscles, body organs and bone) and fat.  Even maintaining your “ideal weight,” doesn’t tell the whole story or give you a free pass to skip exercise or make healthy food choices.  Body composition is an important consideration, and the average adult body fat generally runs between 15% and 18% for males and 22% to 25% for females.  Body fat over 25% for men and 32% for women correlate with illness and disease, particularly if the fat is deposited as “belly fat.”
  • For once, pay attention to the spam in your email.  Most spammers prey on our need to feel beautiful and sexy.  It’s not news that engaging in regular exercise, making healthy food choices and getting plenty of sleep can improve both health and attitude.  Confidence and energy levels soar.  A healthy, confident and energetic individual is a beautiful and sexy individual.  Delete the spam.  Let exercise be your mojo.

If you’re still not convinced that a well-conceived plan for physical activity and healthy eating choices are valuable investments in your quality of life, then KissWorkouts may not be the blog for you.  Our feelings aren’t going to be hurt (and we hope yours won’t be, either) but just as we don’t want anyone wasting our time, we sure don’t want to waste yours.

If, on the other hand, you want to learn more about smart training, our posts will share what we’ve learned about keeping motivated, and we’ll help you keep it short and simple.

So … what are you waiting for?

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