Great Little Gadget – The Gymboss

Admit it … the watch we wear on our wrist could launch the Atlantis, but most of us can’t figure out how to work the darn interval timer to time a track workout or a Tabata protocol.

The Gymboss is a small, clip-on timer for any fitness enthusiast wanting to maximize their training.  Its only function is to time repeated intervals (with 1 or 2 different time intervals, so different work and recovery periods can be programmed) and act as either a countdown timer or chrono.  The Gymboss doesn’t promise to upload your digital pictures to FaceBook, run your sprinklers or walk the dog.  It’s just a timer! Those of us challenged by the programming directions can watch a video on their FaceBook page or browse YouTube videos for easy setup instructions, operating tips and troubleshooting.  Those who prefer written directions can always download a pdf from

At only $19.95 plus shipping, it’s a bargain!

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