Northcoast Training understands that vibrant health and peppy energy aren’t the only things that make a life worth living.  We’ve got commitments to family and friends, our community and our business.  We’ve got personal interests, as well.  We assume that you do, too, and respect that when we plan client programs.

Northcoast Training believes that a well-designed program should include a variety of functional activities.  Programs we design require minimal equipment and are adaptable to a variety of settings.  They include lifting heavy objects, pushing & pulling as well as throwing, climbing & crawling.  They include some interval training, bending, stretching & balancing.  Programs we design will be quick & intense and leave you feeling capable, powerful, pooped and ravenous.

Cathy and Mark Larripa are both National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainers (NSCA-CPT) and certified yoga instructors  with experience providing personal training, coaching and group instruction to a variety of clients in a variety of settings.  Clients have included high school athletes, older adults, those returning to activity after injury, as well as those whose doctors have encouraged participation in a supervised exercise program to lose weight, lower cholesterol or blood pressure, or to regain muscle mass and functional skills lost through aggressive medical treatments.

Cathy and Mark live on the rugged north coast of California.  They enjoy working out, playing hard and participating in a variety of outdoor activities together.  They are parents and grandparents, and appreciate that intense workouts (of relatively short duration) will enable anyone to attain and maintain high fitness levels while still leaving time to enjoy other aspects of life.

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