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“Burning Hell” – The Tabata Protocol

Do you find yourself skipping the occasional workout due to a tight schedule?  Are you missing runs due to an injury that’s aggravated with running, but which might tolerate a cross-training activity just fine?  Is your desire to lose weight what gets you out the door to exercise, and yet you’re still wondering why the pounds aren’t melting away?  The Tabata Protocol may just be the answer you’re looking for, as it provides both aerobic and anaerobic training benefits in a very short amount of time, and can be done in ways that provide cross-training opportunities for everyone.

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Happy Hips

The adult human has 206 bones linked in a variety of ways (… “the knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone, thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone, the hip bone’s connected to the back bone … ”).  Our skeleton literally supports us as we function in the world.  While the hinge joint of the elbow allows movement in only one direction, the knee’s hinge joint permits some “swiveling.”  The thumb moves across the palm of the hand thanks to a saddle joint, and a pivot joint in the forearm allows twisting of the wrist.  The most range of movement, however, is provided by a “ball and socket” joint.  The hip, with the head of the femur tucked snugly into the socket of the pelvis, is a perfect example.  The hip provides an ideal balance between mobility and stability, and figures prominently in the well-being of runners as well as other bipeds. Continue reading

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Countdown to the Tough Mudder …

“Tough what?” our friends ask.  “Tough Mudder,” we reply.

“But why?” they mumble.  “Why not?” we respond.

I’ve had some time since tapping the “send” button to reflect on the decision to join legions of people younger than my own children in this craziness, and it boils down to 3 reasons that are easy to articulate and easy to defend. Continue reading


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Yoga for Runners (Part 2 of 2)

Last week we left off with descriptions of the Squat Pose and Low Lunge.  Today we break down 3 additional poses selected with the specific needs of runners in mind.

Standing Wide Angle Forward Bend: Many people enjoy this pose for no reason other than because it just feels good!  Continue reading

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Yoga for Runners (Part 1 of 2)

“Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape!” (author unknown)

Two topics can be counted on to crop up in any conversation between two runners.  First, there will be juicy details about the latest run.  This will likely be followed by commiserations over the most recent injuries or nagging pains.  After all, anyone putting in enough miles can count on experiencing their share of stiff hips and tight quads.  Fussy hamstrings or tight calf muscles.  Low back tweaks or a random hitch in their gitty-up.  Many of these issues are directly attributable to repetitive use; runners get used to living with overuse injuries. Continue reading

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Why Most Exercise Programs Fail

Old ShoesWe can’t say it any more clearly – When fitness programs fail, it’s never because of lack of time, gym membership or equipment. They fail for one of two reasons.  Either the program du jour is bogus and ill conceived, or the exercises are performed at a low intensity level.

To elaborate, a program is most likely to be bogus and ill-conceived if it:

  • Requires the use of 8-ounce water bottles for anything other than drinking,
  • Requires a piece of equipment featured in an infomercial and paid for in only 3 easy installments,
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