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Countdown to the Tough Mudder …

“Tough what?” our friends ask.  “Tough Mudder,” we reply.

“But why?” they mumble.  “Why not?” we respond.

I’ve had some time since tapping the “send” button to reflect on the decision to join legions of people younger than my own children in this craziness, and it boils down to 3 reasons that are easy to articulate and easy to defend. Continue reading



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Why Most Exercise Programs Fail

Old ShoesWe can’t say it any more clearly – When fitness programs fail, it’s never because of lack of time, gym membership or equipment. They fail for one of two reasons.  Either the program du jour is bogus and ill conceived, or the exercises are performed at a low intensity level.

To elaborate, a program is most likely to be bogus and ill-conceived if it:

  • Requires the use of 8-ounce water bottles for anything other than drinking,
  • Requires a piece of equipment featured in an infomercial and paid for in only 3 easy installments,
  • Continue reading

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