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“Burning Hell” – The Tabata Protocol

Do you find yourself skipping the occasional workout due to a tight schedule?  Are you missing runs due to an injury that’s aggravated with running, but which might tolerate a cross-training activity just fine?  Is your desire to lose weight what gets you out the door to exercise, and yet you’re still wondering why the pounds aren’t melting away?  The Tabata Protocol may just be the answer you’re looking for, as it provides both aerobic and anaerobic training benefits in a very short amount of time, and can be done in ways that provide cross-training opportunities for everyone.

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Great Little Gadget – The Gymboss

Admit it … the watch we wear on our wrist could launch the Atlantis, but most of us can’t figure out how to work the darn interval timer to time a track workout or a Tabata protocol. Continue reading

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